Unitaid : Accelerating tools to drive tuberculosis (TB) detection

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  • Type d'offre : ------------ Clôture : 24 mai 2021
Date d'arrivée à l'ITMO : Mercredi 31 Mars 2021

Call for Proposals:

"Accelerating tools to drive tuberculosis (TB) detection”

Deadline:             24 May 2021 at 12:00 noon CET

The objective of this call for proposals is to enable the optimal adaptation, introduction and placement of effective, affordable and quality-assured innovative diagnostic solutions for TB detection that consider the integration, complementarity, and fit within the current diagnostic context in high burden countries and the linkages to care in response to the needs of affected communities.

For the purpose of this call, diagnostic solutions refer to diagnostic and detection devices and platforms which could include multi-disease testing platforms, digital technologies used for contact tracing and diagnosis, CAD-enabled technology, and sample collection tools and handling. In addition, solutions with demonstrated innovation and impact in response to COVID-19 or other relevant disease areas are included. Any solution proposed should have superior performance compared to currently available tools and/or enable TB detection at the point of care.

Les équipes françaises sont vivement encouragées à répondre.


Unitaid Webinar 

Friday 9 April 2021 at 17:00 CET.

Unitaid will host a webinar to present the scope and content of the call for proposals and answer any process-related questions.

To register for the webinar please complete the online form here. Oonly registered participants will receive the call-in details. During registration you will have the option to send questions which Unitaid will aim to address during the webinar.

A recording of the session will be made available on the Unitaid website shortly after the webinar takes place.


Scope :

Proposals’ scope should address the following objectives:

  • Optimizing diagnostic testing devices and platforms, particularly for non-sputum samples, which include detection of TB for use at primary and community health settings.
  • Demonstrating the effectiveness, appropriateness and optimal placement of an innovative diagnostic solution to enable TB detection in primary and community health settings. 

Proposals should be carefully targeted, reflecting focused interventions to address key challenges with TB diagnosis in lower levels of the health system, and demonstrate value for money and measurable impact within the time frame of the grant.  Proposals should also include analysis of the complementarity as well as added advantages of the proposed solutions over the standard of care and current practices. 

Proposals that address TB as well as other related infectious diseases, leverage investments across different product categories, and those that reflect collaborative partnerships between communities, civil society, and industry are welcomed. Meaningful engagement with civil society and affected communities should be included across proposed activities for example integration of community and civil society into project governance such as steering committees and advisory boards. 

Proponents are encouraged to consider products that are available on the market or can be introduced in the market by no later than December 2022. (i.e. products that could be eligible for procurement through international funders and procurers including the governments of high burden TB countries and that have sufficient supply capacity created to address anticipated demand by the end of this timeframe).

Areas out of scope for this Call include proposals: a) with products in early stage development and/or that still require feasibility and proof of concept studies; b) aiming for full-scale implementation and/or delivery of products; c) aiming to deliver services without introducing a commodity based diagnostic solution.


More information on the Unitaid website.



If you have any questions about the application processes throughout any stage of the application review process, please send your queries to the Grant Application Manager:  proposalsUnitaid@who.int

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